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Meeting The Legal Needs Of Small And Medium Businesses

Sometimes business disputes arise; and when they can’t be resolved through negotiation or arbitration proceedings, business litigation can be used as a way to remedy the situation.

Whether it’s a private individual or a business entity that has a legal issue with another business entity, the Law Offices of Jason M. Donnell, LLC, will thoroughly review the issue at hand to determine the best course of action — whether it involves negotiations or litigation.

When Litigation May Be Necessary

Many people are concerned about their finances and investments now, which is why it’s not surprising that someone would want to take legal action if they suspected unethical behavior on the part of their investment broker.

Suspicion Of Investor Fraud

If an investor suffers excessive financial loss as a result of unethical behavior by a broker, the investor can pursue legal action. In the same vein as unethical broker behavior, which usually involves a broker pushing inappropriate investments on clients or failing to fully disclose investment information, is investor fraud, which involves deception.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Another common instance that can result in an individual bringing litigation against a business is in a dispute over intellectual property. Any infringement on a patent, trademark or copyright is grounds for business litigation.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Breach of fiduciary duty can cause a strain between business partners or shareholders in closely held corporations. If one member violates his obligation to operate in good faith and loyalty, then other partners can recover through litigation.

Insurance Bad Faith

If commercial insurance companies undervalue or deny a fair claim, then businesses — particularly small businesses — can recover the amount they are entitled to. Insurance companies can sometimes attempt to avoid fully paying a legitimate claim, or even avoid paying it at all, by using confusing or deceptive wording in the contract.

We Address The Legal Needs Of Businesses

From contract disputes to employment issues, there are countless other reasons why a business may need to resort to litigation to resolve a legal issue.

While resolving disputes through negotiations and settlements is preferable, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason M. Donnell, LLC, know this isn’t always possible. That’s why we come prepared for either situation. If our business clients need a strong negotiator, we’re there as their advocate. If litigation is needed, we are prepared to aggressively litigate matters until a reasonable resolution is determined.

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