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Are you an over-50 Ohio resident considering divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Firm News

Various age groups often share trends or experiences in common to which most people in the group can relate. For instance, many Ohio residents over the age of 65 relate to one another in terms of retirement issues. Another common factor among those age 50 and beyond happens to be divorce. In fact, you may have family members or friends who have navigated the divorce process after having been married 20 or more years.

Divorce among those age 50 and older is becoming so common that many family law advocates use the term “gray divorce” in reference to it. Individuals who have already divorced late in life often cite similar reasons as causal factors that led to their current situations. Understanding those reasons may influence your own decisions; it’s also good to find out where others tend to seek support if problems arise.

Top issues leading to gray divorce

You might think that sudden events most often lead to late life divorces; however, that’s not the case for most people. The majority of people age 50 and over cite the following reasons for ending their marriages after decades of being together:

  • People live longer; therefore, they have to live with their spouses longer. Longevity appears to be a main factor in late life divorce. Spouses simply get tired of each other.
  • Life changes. People change too. Some spouses say that the older they get, the less they have in common with their spouses.
  • Lack of common interests often leads to boredom in marriage. Boredom often leads to divorce, especially for older couples.
  • Financial problems or disputes are also key factors in gray divorces in Ohio and throughout the nation.
  • Women are generally more financially independent nowadays than they were many years ago. In the past, women often stayed in unhappy marriages because they feared the financial ramifications of divorce, but more women are willing to take the risk today.

Though these reasons come up often, each divorce case is unique, and so are the reasons for choosing to end the relationships.

Support for spouses

Whichever side of the equation you happen to be on, the one filing for divorce or the one being served with papers, it’s wise to tap into local support resources to help you come to terms with your situation, plan for your future and overcome any legal obstacles that arise.

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