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Is your child at risk of going from delinquent to criminal?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Firm News

When Ohio residents have children, they may think of the many joyous activities they will get to do with their kids and all the wonderful things they will witness their children accomplish. You may have been among the many parents who had ideas that your child would be perfect in all ways. Unfortunately, that did not turn out to be the case when it came to his or her behavior.

Certainly, children of any age can carry out actions that they know are against the rules and reap the negative repercussions. However, the way in which you address these acts could greatly influence how your child manages his or her behavior in the future.

From delinquent to criminal

If your child is old enough to know better, but commits a crime anyway, he or she could be starting down a dangerous path. Even if the crime is minor and no one else knows about it or it did not have any repercussions that warranted the involvement of law enforcement, the situation still requires swift handling. If your child gets away with the behavior, he or she may only feel encouraged to commit other delinquent acts because of the few consequences faced this time.

Soon, your child could go from committing minor acts that break the rules to serious crimes, including theft or drug use. In either scenario, your child may face criminal charges, and even as a juvenile, he or she could end up convicted of a crime that results in severe punishment. As you can imagine, a conviction could have major impacts on his or her future.

Your responsibility

Because you know your child is your responsibility, you may feel some parental guilt that you did not set him or her on a better path or take the time to provide loving discipline. However, if your child is facing criminal charges, feeling guilty does not help to resolve the situation. Because your child is a minor, you will hold the responsibility of determining how to address his or her criminal case.

In order to find the best path for your child in this instance, it may be wise for you to enlist the help of a defense attorney knowledgeable in juvenile justice. This legal advocate could help you determine the most viable options for getting your child through the situation as best as possible.

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