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Custody options in Ohio divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | blog, Divorce

Navigating a divorce when you have a child together can present challenges. Your child’s well-being is your focus, so you must know the available custody options.

Ohio offers different custody arrangements to cater to unique family dynamics.

Sole custody

In a sole custody agreement, one parent assumes the primary responsibility for the child’s upbringing. This custodial parent makes significant decisions about the child’s education, health care and general welfare. In 2023, 15.09 million children lived with a single mother in the United States, and about 3.05 million children lived with a single father.

In this type of arrangement, the noncustodial parent typically has visitation rights. The court defines a visitation schedule, which may include weekends, holidays and school breaks.

Joint custody

Joint custody emphasizes collaboration between both parents. There are two subtypes – joint legal custody and joint physical custody. With this type of custody, both parents make decisions regarding the child’s welfare. The child spends time living with each parent in joint physical custody. This arrangement necessitates effective parental communication and cooperation for seamless transitions between households.

Shared parenting

Shared parenting promotes active involvement from both parents. The child spends significant time with each parent, fostering a balanced relationship. Shared parenting plans outline specific schedules and responsibilities. These plans provide clarity for the parents and stability for the child.

Relative custody

Under certain circumstances, grandparents or other relatives may seek custody rights. The court evaluates factors such as the child’s relationship with the relative, the parents’ fitness and the child’s overall well-being.

Navigating the custody options in an Ohio divorce requires careful consideration of your child’s needs. The goal is to create an environment that prioritizes your child’s emotional and physical well-being throughout the divorce process and beyond.

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